World Globe Lamp is Child’s Gift

First of all, laying eyes on the globe, I was struck by its colour and clarity. Such vivid detail literally jumps out at you, even before you press the button to switch the light on. Having depressed the switch, a warm welcoming glow emanates from this well proportioned 25cm globe thanks to the 40W energy efficient LED bulb to create an atmospheric glow. Imagine your children in their bedroom. How cool would it be when putting them to bed and are afraid of the dark to switch on this comforting World Globe Lamp and ponder?

Ask them to pick a country and talk to them for 5 minutes about it. Get them to relate to where they live and explore the world around them. It is wonderfully educational for learning geography, capital cities and continents. It also has a subtle detail in the silver ring at the North Pole, graduated with time, lightness and darkness, so that your child can understand the concept of time around the world and how it relates to the earths orbit around the sun. Bonus!

Secondly, this World Globe Lamp is ‘cut’ from steel, plastic and PVC making it very robust and providing clean lines. It weighs in at an impressive 1kg. Three colours are available, quirkily called Goldfish Orange, French Blue and Mustard, the latter being depicted throughout this product review. Equally at home in an office or entrance hall to your home this is a decorative talking point that will engage colleagues and guests alike.

Finally, after talking about colour, clarity, ‘cut’ and weight, one could be forgiven for thinking this product review is about a diamond. Well indeed you are right. This World Globe Lamp is a real gem and having seen how my 6 year old relates to it and marvels at the detail, I know he can’t wait to go to bed and find out something new about the world every night, just as I did all those years ago and to ponder his future.

Author: Daniel Crochard