Shopping for a Hallway Rug

Stain-Resistant Powers

Wool is powerful in that it naturally resists stains. This is perfect for hallways that are easily soiled by dirty and wet shoes. Wool hallway runners have a much higher rate when it comes to stain resistance than any other fiber including synthetics. This is because there is lanolin coating the material. One can literally just wipe stains and soil off the wool with ease. It’s very appreciated by owners!

Flame Retardant

Wool hallway runners are also resistant to flames in a natural way, with zero chemicals. Create a healthy environment in any hallway and keep a home or business safe as possible by using them over other materials.

Durability – Check!

Another great quality of wool hallway runners is that they are incredibly durable. They’ll last for years upon years with very little if any sign of wear and tear. They may be a bit more expensive than their synthetic counterparts but it is well worth it. It sure beats replacing them every couple years and spending much more in the process.

Why is Wool So Great?

Many don’t realize that sheep naturally produce their wool to keep safe from the natural elements and climates they’re exposed to. Nature is amazing! Natural wool in wool hallway runners contain the cells with fibers that are actually coils to keep it very “elastic.” In turn, wool is a natural type of shock absorber which can quiet a hallway with ease. This is perfect if the hall is near bedrooms, or someone is coming in late from work and doesn’t want to disturb anyone.
Also, this same element helps it spring back to its original shape and fullness. That’s a benefit that can’t be matched by other materials!

Water Resistance

A wool hallway runner has a natural protective barrier against water. It can actually absorb around a third of its entire weight and not feel wet at all! This gives the home or business owner time to clean it up before it penetrates and damages the floor beneath; what could be better? Other benefits to this are the ability to stay warm and recover from damage and pressure faster.

Author: Daniel Crochard