Reasons to Consider Shopping Local

Saves Land and Increases Air Quality

Small businesses within your area are just that – small. Which means that they take up less land and produce less pollution. Purchasing products and services from small businesses in your neighborhood can help reduce the amount of pollution. The use of big trucks on the road would be lessened and getting to stores within the neighborhood would require less travel.

Helps Shape the Community

The world is in need of more jobs, and that includes your local area. Small businesses, though some very small, provide jobs to those in your neighborhood. It gives them an opportunity to provide products and services your specific area needs.

Buying a lawn mower at your neighborhood power equipment store or purchasing fresh produce from the local farmers market gives those in the community an opportunity to interact with one another, which can bring the community closer.

Many small companies run and operate only with the help of those in your area also do things to help the community such as charitable fund raisers for neighborhood schools. The American Independent Business Alliance has also stated that smaller businesses donate approximately twice as much per each revenue dollar to local charities, teams, and events, when compared to larger businesses. They can also provide a specific feel and personality to the neighboring area.

Better Quality, Better Service

Many small businesses often provide better quality products and higher quality service. This is true for community farms, lawn mower and power equipment stores, toy stores, bike shops, and other small businesses in your neighborhood. Local products are often transported less miles keeping the quality fresh and new.

It is true that the products and services small businesses in the neighborhood offer may cost a little more than those found at big box stores. Many people, however, prefer to pay a little more for better products and services. When purchasing a lawn mower at a big box store you might have to serve yourself or get quick answers that are given to sell a product, whereas at local companies they are likely to be honest in helping you make decisions because they want, and need, you to return for future purchases and products.

Author: Daniel Crochard