Celebrate Birthday In Style

The concept of ‘Birthday’ was introduced by the Egyptians. In the Ancient Egypt, when the Pharaoh’s coronation was executed, they were picturized as gods. As a result, this divine promotion was given due importance than their official birth date. The Ancient Greeks used to present moon-shaped shapes to one of their Ancient Greek deities named ‘Artemis’. It was offered to pay homage to the lunar goddess. Later they lit the candles which are placed on top of the cake to add some glowing effect.

The Ancient Romans also observed birthdays for their family members. While the Government on the other hand celebrated a birthday for eminent personalities during those times. A special cake prepared using wheat flour, honey, olive oil and grated cheese was also offered to those who are celebrating their 50th birthday anniversary.

Celebrating a birthday was perceived as an evil practice by the Christians for many years. But later during the fourth century B.C., their mindset had completely changed and started observing birthday celebrations. There was a period during which a birthday celebration was confined only to the affluent people. Sweet and delicious cakes were consumed by the wealthy since the ingredients included in it were expensive. But the industrial revolution has changed the phase of this tradition. There was no dearth of necessary ingredients and even the bakeries began to deliver pre-made cakes at affordable rates.

Advantages of sending birthday gifts online

Purchasing or delivering birthday gifts online is one of the common practices found today. It is the better option rather than spending the whole day at a shopping mall or a local boutique. You will definitely come across wide varieties of birthday gifts and place your orders online.

  • Sending birthday gifts online is very cost effective. It enables an individual to browse through the gifts available from all over the world.
  • An individual can access an online shopping website at any point of time. They can purchase gift items at nominal rates and if lucky enough, they could avail attractive discounts. An online shopping is one of the top platforms where items ranging from toys, bouquet, and birthday gift hampers are available.
  • A customer can even compare the prices of a product with similar websites before arriving at a decision. Those who desire to purchase any gift hampers may examine the quality of the products if required.

Author: Daniel Crochard